Three Decades of Quality Production

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Guangdong TJ Metal Works Factory Limited is your expert stainless steel barware manufacturer with over 30 years of production experience and strong design capabilities that will bring your ideas to life.

Extensive Selection of Barware Products

Explore our robust library of finely-crafted products made with superior materials and reflect the latest designs based on modern market trends.

A wide assortment of stainless steel mugs has customizable features to make them match your market’s unique demands.

Keep drinks cold and ready for drinking with our line of ice buckets manufactured with premium stainless steel materials for long-lasting durability.

Our stainless steel shakers have spill-proof covers that encourage baristas and cocktail masters to create imaginative drinks.

Complement any bar setup with our line of stainless steel barware accessories that help improve the aesthetics and performance of any bar.

With our stainless steel bar sets, you can develop your own themed collection to improve your branding and recognition.

High-quality aluminum cups are made with premium aluminum materials that make them comfortable to use and easy to clean.

Customized to Your Satisfaction

Tailor-Made Products for Your Brand

With more than 30 years of industry experience, we’re able to turn your creative design concepts into tangible and marketable barware. Our comprehensive customization options help diversify your product offerings from making unique molds to developing eye-catching logos.


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035 - Creative ThinkingCreated with Sketch.






Skillful Manufacturing Honed by Experience

TJ Metal Words uses a tried-and-true manufacturing process that we’ve developed over the years, resulting in a seamless and fast-paced production process.


Two sets of modern cutting machines prepare the sheet metals with precision cuts, reducing material waste.


Twenty stretching machines help unroll the cut metals and get them on the proper measurements before assembly.


The formed barware is further trimmed with our five trimming machines to remove unwanted edges and prepare for polishing.


The completed barware products pass through 50 polishing machines to bring out the material’s natural shine and enhance its aesthetics.

Electroplating or painting

Add or elevate the design of your custom barware through our in-house electroplating and painting machines that use premium materials.

Quality inspection and packaging

After a round of quality inspections, the finished barware products are appropriately packed through our six packaging machines.

Meticulous Quality Control

TJ Metal Works practices strict quality protocols and the latest auditing tools to ensure the utmost quality in every custom barware product.

Cutting-edge Tools and In-House Workshops

Modern Production Facility

Behind our strong manufacturing capabilities is our cutting-edge production facility. Located in the Chinese province of Guangdong, our factory is equipped with the latest equipment and manned by talented workers to complete your orders with speed and efficiency.

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Why Work with TJ Metal Works

Partnering with us ensures that you’re getting the best custom barware in the market and impeccable support to help your brand reach its goals.

Get Peerless Custom Barware to Your Specifications

Talk to our team today and see how our years of expertise can elevate your brand to the next level!

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