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Japanese Shaker vs. Boston Shaker: Which is Better for Your Home Bar?

Get to know the differences between Japanese shaker and Boston shaker and how to choose!

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using Boston cocktail shaker

Boston Cocktail Shaker: A Must-Have Bartending Tool

Get to know everything you need to know about the Boston cocktail shaker!

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A bartender making cocktail

European Cocktail Shaker: How to Choose and Use the Best One for Your Home Bar

Learn how to choose the right European cocktail shakers for your needs!

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Martini Shaker: The Perfect Tool for Crafting a Classic Cocktail

A comprehensive guide to the martini shaker.

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a stainless steel cocktail shaker

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Using a Japanese Cocktail Shaker

Learn exactly how to choose and use a Japanese cocktail shaker with this ultimate guide!

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Barware Materials: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Equipment

Are you planning to set up your home bar or upgrade your existing one? The type of barware you choose can make or break your drinking experience. From the glassware to the shakers, every element plays a crucial role. In this article, we’ll take you through the different barware materials …

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lots of stainless steel mugs

Stainless Steel Mug Manufacturer: How to Choose the Best One for Your Business

Get to know how to choose the best stainless steel mug manufacturer for your business.

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stainless steel barware

Wholesale Barware: How to Stock Your Bar with Quality Supplies

Take a look at wholesale barware and learn how to stock your bar with quality supplies.

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a group of friends celebrating in the bar

10 Things You Wish You Knew about Drinking in Bars

Get to know 10 things you should do and avoid when drinking in bars.

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some stainless steel bar tools

Why Should You Choose Stainless Steel Bar Tools

Are You A Bartender? Stainless Steel is the Only Way To Go.

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a bartender making cocktails

How to Clean Your Barware Properly

Get to know how to clean your barware properly and learn more tips!

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MosBuild Exhibition

TJ Barware in MosHome 2023

See TJ Stainless Steel Barware in MosHome 2023 Russia!

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a set of bartending tools

What Tools Every Bartender Should Have: Beginner Friendly

Serving a glass of perfect cocktail can’t do without a complete set of bartending tools.

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moscow mule with lime and lemon slices

Basic Drinks A Bartender Should Know: Recipes Included

Get to know the basic cocktail recipes for every new comer and set off your bartending business!

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stainless steel shaker

How to Open Stuck Cocktail Shaker

Nothing’s more annoying than a stuck cocktail shaker for a bartender.

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