We begin our production process by cutting to shape the raw materials we use for making the custom barware. Aided by two sets of cutting machines, our experts do precision cuts on the sheets, minimizing material waste and maximizing each material.


After cutting the sheets to size, we stretch the sheet metals to achieve the correct measurements. We use our 20 stretching machines to get the job done fast and with precision.


Once the sheet metal is formed to the desired barware design, we trim the excess material for a cleaner and better-looking finish. This is completed with the help of our five cutting-edge trimming machines that clean any unwanted edges.


To bring out the natural luster and shine of the custom barware products, they go through our 50 powerful polishing machines for a thorough polish. This also enhances the overall appeal and performance of each product.

Electroplating or Painting

With our array of in-house electroplating and painting equipment, we’re able to elevate the design of your barware products further and make them distinctly yours. These machines utilize premium materials, ensuring that anything imprinted stays on for long.

Quality Inspection and Packaging

Every completed custom barware product goes through several quality audits conducted by expert inspectors, where they check the product’s aesthetics, construction, and durability. Once they pass the final inspection, they’re securely packed and prepared for shipment.

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